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kitten teeth
06 September 2010 @ 07:20 pm

i think i should post an introduction of myself but i'm pretty awful at those ~ i'm sammie ; but i like to be given pet names . i really miss being jail bait & i have a bit of a lolita complex ~ i live inside my own little world that is fragments of strawberry news magazines , street fashion books , & all the stationery i hoard ; but i'm mostly just a creepy girl . i like to blow bubbles & color in coloring books still . i'm really into deco-den & have just recently started making nearly everything i own gaudy . i post pictures sometimes ; and sometimes just rants & brain puke . this blog will probably be not safe for work . if you can't handle over whelming amounts of lace , rhinestones , all things kawaii , guro , & amputees please don't add me , you're only wasting your time .

oh & drug content ; this will probably be mostly private comment or something .

lil miss sticky kiss Collapse )